b'Accents & Step MarkersCaribbean Rainbow Sapphire T O S A I C I L I E D E S G M N STile 2 x 2CaribbeanMCAR22RainbowMRAI22SapphireMSAP22Mini Tropical Fish 4CaribbeanMTFICARBRainbowMTFIRAIBSapphireMTFISAPBLoggerhead Turtle 6CaribbeanMTLOCARBRainbowMTLORAIBSapphireMTLOSAPBMini Dolphin 6CaribbeanMDMICARBRainbowMDMIRAIBSapphireMDMISAPBStarfish 5CaribbeanMSTACARBRainbowMSTARAIBSapphireMSTASAPBSeashell 5CaribbeanMSSHCARBRainbowMSSHRAIBSapphireMSSHSAPBThe tiles shown below illustrate the possible range of color for the Fusion Series. Caribbean Rainbow SapphireHigh Degree of Intended Extreme High Degree ofShade Variation High Color Variation Shade VariationPlease note that the Fusion Series is designed to posses a wide range of shade variation and colors that adds to the unique beauty of each installation.23'