b'Photo courtesy of Azure Pools - Estero, FLGT8M4896B9G N E L B E D L T S S A L I SBlack Royal Blue Turquoise GT82323K5 1 x 1GT82323B9 1 x 1GT82323T41 x 1 GT82348K5 1 x 2GT82348B9 1 x 2GT82348T41 x 2 TRIM-GT82348K5 by the Linear FootTRIM-GT82348B9 by the Linear FootTRIM-GT82348T4 by the Linear Foot GT8M4896K5mixedGT8M4896B9mixedGT8M4896T4mixed TRIM-GT8M4896K5 by the Linear FootTRIM-GT8M4896B9 by the Linear FootTRIM-GT8M4896T4 by the Linear Foot17'